Innova Chef Cooking Center

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About Cooking Center

It is a central kitchen in which we produce some of our products from scratch, such as hamburgers, croquettes, plates, confit meats or salad, one of our star products.

With Cooking Center we have made an investment of more than 2 million euros with which we are committed to the province of Zamora, creating jobs and focusing on local products.


Cooking Center products

At Cooking Center we make all Innova Chef burgers, plates and crumbled products, our croquettes, and salads.

Food safety and traceability

We have three independent workshops equipped so that we can work on different products simultaneously and reduce the risk of cross-contamination to a minimum.

We also have conditioned rooms in which the temperature can be adapted to the product being made; and with autoclaves, which is the most effective machinery in food safety since it allows sterilization using high pressure and temperature, killing all types of pathogens, viruses and highly dangerous bacteria.

R&D&I team

We have an R&D&I team led by chef Ricardo Campos (La Oronja) who is in charge of developing recipes, researching products and improving preparations to then implement them at an industrial level in our productions.

Our products, Innova brand

The Innova brand is synonymous with quality and traceability. We are experts in confit meats, fish, tapas, crumbled meats and desserts. 


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