Quality and food safety policy

The address of INNOVACHEF Through this declaration it communicates its commitment to the development and implementation of a Quality and Food Safety Management System, as well as providing the necessary resources for its compliance. 

Likewise, communicate to all staff the importance of meeting and exceeding the requirements of our clients, both current and potential, as well as assuming their responsibility towards them and complying with regulatory and non-regulatory requirements, including ethical, labor and environmental requirements. , applicable to our activity.

Our quality and food safety policy is based on
the following pillars:

1.- Product quality: 

  • We work with carefully selected suppliers, who use top quality raw materials and who meet the expected specifications, including legality. 

  • We promote food safety throughout the process as a fundamental quality argument.

  • We transmit and communicate at all levels the principles of Quality, Food Safety and authenticity of food as basic principles.

2.- Quality of service:

  • We have a wide range of products to satisfy all the needs and expectations of our customers.

  • We guarantee optimal service to our clients, meeting all their quality requirements and delivery times.

  • We offer comprehensive customer and consumer service and a guarantee of product satisfaction.

3.- Innovation, development and continuous improvement: 

  • We are committed to innovation for the development of new products, processes, presentations and services in line with the food sector.

  • We stand out for our attitude of continuous improvement, level of self-demand, commitment to review and capacity for innovation.

4.- Training and continuous improvement of your human resources: 

  • We promote a Culture of Food Safety throughout the organization as the main tool to achieve habits of responsible behavior. 

  • We have qualified, responsible personnel committed to ethics and objectives.

  • We promote and provide continuous training.


From INNOVA CHEF We understand and assume the concept of quality as the quality of the service that meets the expectations of our clients, complying at all times with the requirements that apply to our operation, including legal and regulatory requirements.


      In INNOVA CHEF We establish objectives and goals as a sign of our commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided, with the purpose of satisfying the needs and expectations of the different interest groups that form our ecosystem of relationships and are a support tool for the Direction in your strategic vision.

January 2, 2024

Approved by Management


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